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Poza Cada din acril 145x145cm Riho model Austin. Poza 47770

Cada din acril 145x145cm Riho model Austin

Cod produs:   BA1100500000000
Producator:   RIHO





From sunbed-specialist to bathroom products The family company RIHO was originally specialized in solariums. In the 1980s, however, this market totally collapsed . This was the moment for Ad Jansen, together with a bathroom producer to head in the direction of bathroom products. RIHO goes across the border The decision to specialise in bath articles turned out to be a golden opportunity. The Dutch company made a successful growth. When in 1989 the Berlin Wall fell, the market opened for new opportunities. Ad Jansen took over the company and decided to expand with its own production site in the Czech Republic. From that moment on, the company grew rapidly. The farm, which the Czech production location is still located, changed over the years in a hyper modern warehouse with a surface of 10,000 square meters, 150 employees and the most advanced modern equipment, including spray booths and punching machines. The total concept in own management The next extension took place in 1999 by the take-over of the Belgian furniture factory DIBO (Diestse Bouwonderneming). A company with an enormous experience in the construction of storage furniture. With this extension RIHO now offers a great scale in range. This time with bathroom furniture. Since this latest bundling of forces has RIHO the total bathprogram in own management. Currently, RIHO has 220 employees spread over Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. In many other countries are agents active. Contemporary bathing Delivers with Riho Plumbing Products in one contemporary design an exceptional contribution to contemporary bathing culture. Riho is a European product of international stature. From sales offices in Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, we serve our customers with a wide range of baths, whirlpools, steam showers, bathroom furniture and glass walls. Riho produces its products mainly in-house. Furthermore Riho over one years long international knowledge in the field of sanitation. Our experience in product deployed at the request of the customer to anticipate while delivering a quality product.


Pret vechi:   2.58000 lei cu TVA
Pret:   2.06400lei cu TVA
Discount:   20%
Dimensiune cada   145x145cm
Garantie 15 ani

Contact: 0748 074 072 Vanzari / 0752 052 215 Financiar / info 0722 119 375   Email:
Descriere Cada din acril 145x145cm Riho model Austin

Cada din acril 145x145cm Riho model Austin, volum 270l

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